The smart meter provides the possibility for live monitoring of the consumption of the supply meter to which it is connected. The meter is controlled remotely through a platform, in which all energy data is registered, including consumption, power, voltage, etc.

Smart meters allow the consumer to monitor how much energy is consumed at any given time. The consumer can make more efficient management of the consumed electricity and make adjustments to the use of energy. if necessary.

Smart meters are especially useful tool for businesses and industries, as they can more easily formulate energy and cost savings strategies.


E-METRON Analytics is staffed by a group of people with significant hands on experience in the fields of:

Energy and more specifically in energy management, energy efficiency and energy trading.

Furthermore, our IT department is staffed with entrepreneurial engineers that ensure the flawless implementation of the projects and the continuous software support.

  • Energy (Energy Management - Energy Efficiency-Energy Trading)
  • ΙΤ και Software Developement


Real Time measurement:

Visualization of data_Creation of Energy data Graphs

Energy Cost Center identification:

Consumption Analysis & Benchmarking_Benchmarks analysis

Identification of critical parameters:

Targeting of Energy Consumption_Proposition of Measures

Analysis of proposed measures:

Creation of Short to Long term financial scenarios _ Elaboration of implementation schedule